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µTorrent 3.0 (32-bit) Stable Release


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What I truly despise is the general design of the icons; the large square blocky look and feel with truly awful colour choices make an otherwise excellent piece of software look like something someone put together with icons drawn in MSPaint. Someone needs to teach the devs how to create minimalist UI and/or they need to provide a way to COMPLETELY reskin the app so that all trace of the current ugliness can be removed by third party skins.

Be more specific - what exactly about the icons do you feel should change?

Our designers need specific feedback. Otherwise, when we make the next change, it probably won't have any relation to what you are talking about.

Hint: Tell us exactly what you want.

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just a note i had skipped some files also just the .txt junk from the download from the tracker after having completed the file and rechecking it failed again i stopped it set them to download nomal and they downloaded and did a recheck again and it passes now seems to be something with the skipped files causing this

hmm sorry i thought i was still on the other thread if you could move this too


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This is a request in general. I like to close my uTorrent to tray and sometimes I don't have my mouse with me. So is there a possibility that you guys add "Close/minimize to tray" option in File menu? :)

Hi DKT, I like your icon. So what do you think about these options for minimizing to tray?

Alt (spacebar) Alt n

Alt F4

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Hello, guys. A few issues with the latest 3.0 beta 25220.

1) The RSS Feeds list is not expanded the next time I restart μTorrent. (also reported above by thebign)

2) The /MINIMIZED switch does not work anymore.

3) The Options page keeps opening in the Remote tab and doesn't remember the previous tab like it did in the previous versions.

4) It would be nice if we could move the tabs around, for example the Files tab so that it's like it was in the previous versions.

5) The help file needs to be updated with the new advanced options.

EDIT: About #2, it seems the switch is removed from the registry but if I manually run utorrent /minimized it starts minimized. So something is broken here.

Okay, Chem, I've elected #1 and #2 for fixing. Item #3 will be fixed in the next build. Items 4 and 5 will probably be later. We appreciate your feedback. :/

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I was wondering why am I the only one that has problems with the slow and cpu intensive start whilst nothing gets up or down.

Look there' date=' it can be the same issue.[/quote']

Nah it's not the same issue.

I'm using avast home and there has been some improvement since I stopped the AV.

Right now I've forcely rechecked a torrent and it has crashed.

Restarted UT and everything seems fine now. It has started as the 2.2.1 did and now seems to start upload.

So my guess that it's some sort of incompatibility with the Avast? :o

Please look into it, thanks

LE: And another thing: please decrease the font size or implement the option to manually adjust the font size. :)

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I'm rather curious to know why there are streaming options? since when is utorrent a streaming medium? when apps become multi-purpose applications they lose focus and users.

the top area has lost so much information. upload speed, ratio, peers, seeders, etc, is all missing now and re-located under the info tab. this now means that this info can not be checked at a glance, instead the torrent must be highlighted and the info tab clicked for each active torrent, when before you simply had to maximize the app to see the status and relevant information.

drop files to send? is this really needed? was it that hard before to figure out how to make a torrent, add trackers, and then add the torrent? its a 2-3 sentence tutorial at worst.

i really hope that the devs listen to the community and make changes for the better. this seems more like a compile of a personal build with features a few people want. please bring back the old information fields on the top area and consider limiting additions.

i have downgraded back to 2.2.1 and i expect to stay here if 3.0 continues along this path.

i really hope i don't upgrade one day and find a utorrent that streams youtube, connects to facebook, burns dvds, and emulates nintendo roms.

Hi Blastyrant,

I read all of your post and I understand your concerns. You and others like you are good at making sure we remember what users like about uTorrent, and I really appreciate that. So thank you. Now...what we are doing is adding use cases we think most users will like in what I hope is a very respectful way. This means that for the most part you can decide whether or not you want new features; that you can customize the interface to be how you've always liked it; and that we retain the speed and lightness we know everybody likes.

For example, in the "top area" of the torrents view you can right-click and add/remove columns and left-click to change the position of columns. I hope that helps.



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lots of changes!

Q: why all tabs are rearranged?

(it is inconvinient. add info or tutorial, to inform us about changes and new functions, but DON`T EVER change anything in UI without permission! damn! is it so hard to understand?!)

peer dicovery works great! thanks!

CPU load is... well... WT*?! it`s SLOW. it`s NOT downloading and NOT uploading. HDD`s are being torn apart without a reason! (foun a reason - windows` search protocol host is accsessing all files and then system writes somthin` in them...)

it`s taking AGES to start and stop uTorrent now (about 2100 torrents, several HDD, >3TB of data) (it`s shutting down, as i write this... 5 minutes already).

i like new ability to wrap side and bottom panels..


how about: option to hide this "send files"? (found in advanced->gui.show_dropzone)

see % in torrent status, no matter, stopped or seeding or anything.

exact (detailed) info of "torrent added" last active, completed...

settings opened in last active, not in "web ui" tab.

web UI... i know, it`s not your`s trouble... but samsung wave II is unable to connct to neither if them (shitty device, and i`m a fool to buy it), but... may be there`s some kind of trick to make it work?

torrent renaming (inside a list - already was reported here)

is ther a way to adjust a font sizes?

Thanks for taking the time to enumerate all of this.

- On making changes without informing users...you're right, this should not happen.

- We are logging all performance issues from you and others

- We are looking into the ability to hide "send files"

- We are looking into restoring exact detail for "torrent added"

- Torrent renaming has been bugged



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hello, have you read my post about DL-icons and the problem with renaming torrents in the torrent-list?


Is there a chance, that the DL-icons will be returned to the Name column and the renaming problem will be fixed?

And one more complaint ;-)))

I mentioned it in uTorrent 3 Alpha thread, but nothing changed since then.

It's the GUI problem. In early alpha-versions and in uTorrent 2.x the "Add Torrent" dialogue can be resized and uTorrent remembers it's size when it is opened next time.

But in last versions this dialog returnes to initially small size each time you open the torrent-file. When you open many torrents, with many files and need to uncheck some of them, you have to resize this dialog each time. It's very inconvenient.

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@AdamK - The minimalist look of the icons is definitely the right way to go. I'd stick with the raw design of the icons (in terms of the basic shapes used), though I'd significantly thin them out and make them much less blocky and angular.

The colour scheme is horrific and needs to be thrown out completely... purple, blue, multiple shades of green (all of which are unpleasant)... really?!?!

In general, UI should be muted, unimportant items should fade into the background and colour should be used sparingly to draw the eye to the element that is most important.

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This is a request in general. I like to close my uTorrent to tray and sometimes I don't have my mouse with me. So is there a possibility that you guys add "Close/minimize to tray" option in File menu? :)

Hi DKT' date=' I like your icon. So what do you think about these options for minimizing to tray?

Alt (spacebar) Alt n

Alt F4[/quote']

Thanks, also for replying.

I forgot to try Alt F4, but yea that worked. I'll still like the option in the file menu though, but is not really necessary. In addition for me having the problem closing it to tray via keyboard (which is kinda solved now), I find it odd that closing via close button minimizes it to tray but closing via exit totally closes the client.

Also, I believe it's requested here before, but the tabs should be allowed to move/customize.

I got to say. I've been the tester of 3.0 alpha from a long time, and unlike alpha (and last few builds of alpha), there's hardly any problem I can point at, in beta. :)

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Thanks to the uTorrent team for continuing to push forward on their efforts to improve their product. I wanted to just take a moment to touch upon some of the issues that I've encountered prior, and currently.

I've noticed a lot of the staff here chiming in and responding on cosmetic issues, tabs, columns, etc. but I was curious why nobody has responded to any of the issues I've raised on the actual operation of the newer client. I've made two fairly extensive posts in the 3.0 alpha thread:



With no response as of yet. I've installed the newest beta again now and have encountered the same issues. Can somebody on the staff take a look and shed some light on the subject for us? I don't think I'm the only one reporting high CPU idle and/or disk overload issues.

Before you give me the canned response, please keep in mind that I have searched far and wide, played with all the disk caching options and put forth a solid effort trying to troubleshoot the issue myself.



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I find it odd that closing via close button minimizes it to tray but closing via exit totally closes the client.

It's not odd, many application have such option.

E.g. MINIMIZE minimizes the application to the taskbar, CLOSE minimizes it to the tray.

And uTorrent is perfectly customizable as for minimizing/closing.

If you find it odd, there's are some options in preferences.

Preferences > UI Settings > Close to tray (if you uncheck this one, CLOSE button will close uTorrent "totally" instead of closing it to tray)


Preferences > UI Settings > Minimize to tray (and this option lets you decide what MINIMIZE button should do - either minimize it to the tray or to the taskbar)

So there is no problem with [exit/minimize] to [tray/taskbar] behaviour - you can select any combination.

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