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µTorrent 3.0 (32-bit) Stable Release


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625kb build 25538

That one now seems to run stable for me, but I admit I removed over 9k of torrents before trying this one.

Somehow I start to suspect that my hang issues are really a problem with the # of torrents, even if most are "finished".

Well, lets see what happens when I add more torrents again.

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Where did you download new versions? I can download only 25460. I have "utorrent.cz" but have no info. Czech download server "http://www.stahuj.centrum.cz/" has 25516 for now, 25505 last week. Server "computerbase.de" has 25538. My question: Is there some IP lock to download new stable/beta of uT? Or where/how can I download it from uT/BT servers? :( What is officially latest stable build? Title of IRC channel is also about 25460... Thx.

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If there is NO active torrent job in your list PLUS you disable DHT - all should see 0 data flow in or out. There would still be incoming connections that you cannot control (turn the logger on for incoming). Only Firewalling them can help you avoid that.

Until you do that ' date=' you are on your own... ;) (you can peek at my tips, tho...)[/quote']

I have followed your tips before, and they did nothing to help the problem. I can not be the only one experiencing this issue!

How much kb/s are we talking here?

under 1kb dl/ul per second could be just the DHT protocol.

I posted this previously. I'll re-post it.

Another issue I have.

I had this with the last 2.2 build as well.

I have 0 torrents downloading, but multiple seeding. I started it up about 2 hours ago. I have downloaded 144 mb. In a time where making sure you don't go over bandwidth limits, this is not good. That could add up very very quickly. Is this amount real? What is it I'm supposedly downloading exactly?

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Yes. It is traffic overhead. Acks and such. Should be around ~5%-7 of your total upload .

well there you go kristopher, if you're seeding but not downloading, your ut is still communicating with others. its all part of the protocol. but if you're counting megabytes, you might want to try something else than torrenting, like youtube. or just bite the bullet and get a bigger dl/ul ratio from your isp.

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Some minor bugs in strings...

If you did the first step correctly, you will have downlaoded a file that ends in (dot) torrent


With Utorrent, downloading the content you want is made simple


Bittorrent DNA is a content delivery system that reduces publisher server load by using Bittorrent peer-to-peer delivery. It is used only for content that you request.


These strings cannot be translated - not included in uTS...


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So.. what is the latest version now? And where do I get it? :| (I always want the latest)

Why do I see on the download page:

"µTorrent Stable (3.0)

For Windows (624.87 KB)

English (US) - August 24, 2011"

...and still offer the old version 25460? (Is something changed??) :o

In addition, where is the latest Changelog?

I'm confused now, no, I do not like this at all... BOO! :mad:

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I know, how to write µ [micro]/[m:ju]. But what I described is µTorrent Translation System, where are these minnor bugs.

Utorrent vs. uTorrent = wrong 1st letter big, 2nd small = right 1st small, 2nd big

Do you uderstand me, what I would to tell?

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