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Install multiple versions possible? Beta with stable


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Searched long in the forums for answer to this - only found "it is possible," but no details.

I'd like to test latest 3x beta version in Vista. Don't want to uninstall 2.2.1 unless necessary.

Question - If I leave current version installed, where will the beta create it's OWN folders w/ the dht.dat, resume.dat files (or will it), etc?

In my current install, that folder is in Users\App Data\Roaming\uTorrent (note: no version # of uTorrent).

Is there a special procedure for installing a 2nd version w/o interfering w/ existing one?

Found this tutorial on running multiple instances - of OLDER versions - some said didn't work on later 2x versions. http://filesharefreak.com/2008/08/08/how-to-run-multiple-instances-of-utorrent-v177-v18/


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