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Downloading selected file from a torrent with more than 1 file


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I have uTorrent on my PC and there is an option not to download all the files in a torrent, but only the one(s) that I want. For example from an audio album that contains 25 songs, I can download only the 1 or 2 hat I like. Unfortunately I cannot find that option on my Mac.

Any advises would be helpful, thanks.

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That option is available on the Mac version. I am using 1.0.2

This is how I do it

Load the new torrent into utorrent

Press Stop to temporarily stop the download while I sort the files out

Click on the Files tab in the lower section

Select the files I don't want to download. This can be done individually or by using the shift and down arrow or CMD click to select multiple files

right click and select Don't download

The files you don't want to download now say skip next to them

Finally press the start button to restart the download.

Et voila!

Hope that makes sense and that it works for you :)

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