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having 2 pc switch back n forth on using uTorrent


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well I have 2 pc set up with uTorrent. only 1 runs at a time.Each pc dull boot's(2-3 o.s. each).

The files(download and torrent) from my 2 uTorrent's directories are stored in the same place on 1 drive networked.

The problem im having is wen I exit uTorrent, shut down and reboot pc, than run the other uTorrent.. it lose the % positoning of the download's.Its like it try's to contenu wear it left off at for that particular uTorrent program.:rolleyes:

I realy don't want to have to migrate and w8 for the cheeking every time.

any tips ?

im not to network swavey so it might be some simpel network seating..

one thaing I did see is that wen pc rebots to diferint os the shared drive directorie chainges from C to D drive.

thanks for reading

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Settings and resume data are stored in %appdata%. If you can keep the pathing consistent and share/copy the resume data all will be well, but depending on your OS's things can get complicated.

(%appdata%) ? docNset\user\Application Data..I found a uTorrent..witch file to copy and past in to the other pc place ? "apps(folder)","dlimagecache(folder)","apps.btapp","dht.dat","dht.dat.old",.....or the hole one?

Im fealing prety pc e-literate about right now.. :|

pathing ..hmm I might be sol

o and my os are prety backward compadabul..jk I have know idea what that is ;)..but thay are xp

ty 4 yer time

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XP's? IIRC Control Panel > Administrator/tive Tools > Disk Management. No wait, network share. Mapping shares as a network drive? Make the drive letters the same on all OS's and copy all of %appdata% to where you need, I think that'll be enough. Once that's working you could try to put the utorrent.exe inside the appdata and keep the appdata on the network drive. If the settings are with the utorrent.exe it'll use those settings instead of searching for and using appdata settings, this way wherever you switch OS you can run uT off the netdrive. Keep a backup of appdata at minimum in case things go horribly wrong..

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