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3.0 Beta - Unable to save resume file


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Thanks for the quick reply, I am using AVG and have added Utorrent to the allow list , athough it does,nt appear to be blocking, have also unclicked the read only option on the folder as you suggested but still getting the same error message, I notice there is also a file called resume.dat.new in the folder.


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Thanks for sticking with me on this, it must be my system as when I run Hijack I get the following errors (right clicking does not give me an option to run as Admin)

" For some reason your system denied write acess to the hosts file. IF any hijacked domains are in this file, hijack may not be able to fix this.


Second error message:

Cannot find the c:/Program Files\TrendMicro\HiJack\hijackthis.log file.

do you want to create a new file?

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