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Suggested format for torrents


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I have been the beneficiary of some new music to preview. I have ripped over 3,000 CD's and over that time I've learned that some new CD's are defective (about 10%). I use EAC secure mode and accurate rip. over a third predates accurate rip. I have been using cuetools verification utility to verify all my CD's. However this is a new database and needs everyone's participation to provide input to the database. One of my primary searches are for CD's that I have with known defective tracks. As I download I find that some people are uploading CD's with defective tracks perpetuating the garbage that the record companies are selling.

I would like to suggest giving torrents that have been verified a designation in the file name to include (Nice) this would be a flac or lossless format. This way users will know that the tracks have been verified by Accurate Rip and ripped with EAC. Every track would be 100% accurate by EAC and preferable verified by Accurate Rip. Sometimes there are new pressings that differ from what is in the Accurate Rip database but I think a confidence of 5 or greater would be OK.

A file name would look like this:

Yes - Fragile (Nice) Flac for individual tracks or

Yes - Fragile (Nice) Flac Cue for cue files

This would make searching easier.

Within the torrent parent folder would have both the artist and album name.

Under this would be all the tracks, cue file, EAC-Accurate Rip file and Folder.jpg with the cover art.

Additional art would be under a folder Art.

Text info like reviews etc. would be under text.

If we standardize these files we would be able to be assured of the quality of the content. I have downloaded a lot of torrents that I end up deleting because of the poor of the rip. I hate having to waste my time and bandwidth for poor quality CD's.

I welcome thoughts and comments.


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