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uTorrents KILLS internet connection


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Title is a tad misleading... I don't think it's utorrent killing my connection... but some settings on my computer.

utorrent settings are all default.

Problem: whenever I *open* a torrent program (I've tried ut and vuze) my internet INSTANTLY! dies. Literally. I open the program - no more internet. When I close the program about 1-5 seconds later it magically comes back.

Something is blocking my connection when I open a torrent and I can't figure out what. It's just my computer because I've tested 3 other computers and they work fine while downloading. I'm not sure if it matters, but my PC and wired and the 3 others that worked are wireless. Some more info -- If I'm connected to a game, or ventrilo for example, I stay connected just fine... the problem is I can't do anything else. If i'm logged out of the game I can't log in... but if I'm in I stay in. Also, the torretns seem to download just fine, it jsut kills my connection to everything else

I'll say the problem once more...

-open torrent

-internet INSTANTLY (INSTANTLY!!!) leaves. I can no longer browse/do anything other than download the torrent

-I close the program, and I can suddenly browse and do everything just fine.

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