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Ive read through quite a few threads and cant find my exact problem and none of the solutions ive found thus far have fixed me. Ive been using U-torrent for years now and have never had a problem until now. One day i hopped on utorrent grabbed a very popular .torrent file and my utorrent says 0 seeders 0 leechers. now heres the different part. the status icon in the bottom right of the screen is gone but when i click where it should be it comes up with the bandwith and port forwarding test screen. I ran the test and my ports are forwarded just fine it says (as they always have been) and even weirder when i clicked run test the seeds went to (236) and leechers (7546) but still not downloading. wondering if this was a fluke i deleted the torrent file and closed utorrent. I downloaded a new .torrent file and it said 0 seeds 0 leechers. i hit the run test again and bam the seeds and leechers sky rocketed but still not downloading. and the arrow turns red as well. I run avg firewall and have it configured for utorrent as i always have. Im thinking that my isp is blocking traffic to popular trackers maybe? and IF SO how can they do this? what i am downloading is 100% legal, im not into pirating whatsoever so how can they tell me what i can and cant legally download? anyway, anyone have any ideas? sorry to take up anyones time but the help would be greatly appreciated.

Oh and i run windows 7 home (yah i know)

have windows firewall turned off and always have, but i allowed utorrent to add rules to it anyway and have manually checked that they are there.

I use AVG firewall and the rules are correct there as well

I have my ports forwarded correctly, even utorrent tells me so. And i have changed the port number 3 or 4 times and edited all my rules in each firewall to no avail.

ive never had a problem once with utorrent, and i did not change anything when it quit working. the only change that could have possibly been made was windows updates and ive tried undoing the updates back far enough that i know it worked with those updates.

Hopefully ive givin enough info, any help would be wonderful

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