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Speeds ridiculously slow (macbook)


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ive just got utorrent after researching through many other torrent sites ive gathered that its probably the best, however my speeds are so slow, i cant understand it. other people complain about speeds of 100kb/s i barely get 1kb/s, i average about 0.6kb/s.

Im not very good with utorrent technical jargon so would it be possible if you could explain how to fix this (if it is possible) very simply to me?

Thank you very much.

p.s if it makes any difference, just for background,

i use version 10.6.6 of mac os x


i have a 2.4 ghz intel core 2 duo processor

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I just have to agree with you. I am on a MacBook Pro. Super fast. I also have a PC. The PC downloads torrents very fast. The MacBook is so slow that it isn't worth the trouble. The ETA at some moments says: 3W2D LOL!!!

I guess until uTorrent decides it is a problem worth solving, it won't be useful for me.

By the way, other things I download on my MacBook download incredibly fast. It seems to be just this applicatoin. Drat.

And I forgot to add that I downloaded a 1.3 GB movie on iTunes in 20 minutes today. Then, someone told me about uTorrent, and I tried it. This proves to me that there is no reason except uTorrent that my Mac is not downloading fast.

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