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Ok so this is probably a very noobish questions, but I need to learn because this isnt making sense to me.

(sorry in advance)

Ok so my problem is I seem to have a download cap of 500kb/sec on utorrent. My internet is clocking at 6mb/sec, and I know it isnt the torrents because if I pause one it will the others will increase in speed untill they all add up to just under 500. =/

I have researched a little bit and tried upping the number of connections. On time I was able to get a speed of 2mb/sec when I had both wired lan and wireless (2 different internet sources) on at once but since then no luck.

Is my internet provider putting a cap on torrents, and not everything else? Has anyone else had this problem? Is there anyway to fix it?

I am running windows 7 64bit

Thank you,


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