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access denied??


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using utorrent v. 2.2 b.23071

Windows 7 X64

running into a couple of downloads in which I am receiving an access denied notice. Any ideas? I've sent requests to the sites of which I am a member without results.

Any help would be good.

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I have the same problem. Running Utorrent 1.8.5 I had no problem. After switching to the ver. 2 I start getting this error massage. I update it to the Ver. 3 and still the same problem. I will try again Ver. 1.8.5 and see what happen.

And No my folder and files are not read only and the Administrator right has been disable.

Well now I have the same problem with 1.8.5 that means there is something right now in registry.


I try Vuze and it works fine with files going to the same directory.

After so many years I hate to switch to some other program but so far no one has answer for why this error comes from but it does and guessing that your directory is protected and so on when is not protected there is no other way but switching to other type of program.

Scanning Internet it looks that there is a lot others with the same problem......

Thanks while it lasted


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I am running BitTorrent 7.2.1. After about 10 secs it stops downloading with Error : Access Denied

My Lap top is Windows Vista. On my other PC (Windows XP) the same BitTorrent works fine.

I am runnig it as Administrator, and download folder read only has been unchecked.

Any idea what is blocking the download?

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DreadWingKnight, while not verbose in his description, is 100% accurate. Go into the PROPERTIES for your download folder, open up Security, and allow permissions for everyone and all other ALLOW checkboxes and the problem should be solved. I have Vista as well and this worked just now to solve my problem. Thanks for the tip DWK!

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