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acessing the local client no longer possible?


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I see that it's mentioned here https://web.utorrent.com/srp/privacy that the old pre-3.0 approach to accessing the utorrent client won't work and this functionality may be rolled back in later.

This new approach means that applications that access my utorrent client to perform torrent management now no longer work, if I understand the new 3.0 web approach. They can't log into the local client since they don't use the secure key approach.

The biggest stumbling block for me is the ability to modify completed torrents and release them from utorrent so that they can be renamed and moved. I'm trying to create a fully automated workflow where utorrent is simply one small step and runs in the background, receiving new torrent requests, receiving the files, then releasing them. The rest of the workflow picks up from there and moves, renames etc. the files.

While utorrent is a great utility, it's still a techie tool that should really just run transparently in the background without constant user (end-user, not geek user) intervention (such as in a home theatre system). Having a nice web front end is nice, but it breaks the existing ability to have workflow that doesn't require intervention.

Really, what it boils down to is the need for being able to release a torrent from utorrent once it's complete and completely seeded, or whatever criteria might be required.

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