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Question about rss feeds (aka I need some schooling)


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Hello everyone,

I did some searching through the site, and read the FAQ, but need some more individualized help. I am running utorrent and want to start using rss feeds to get tv shows.

Do rss feeds get published once a day, once an hour, etc (how does utorrent know there is new material and get it)?

Do I have to tell utorrent to update the feed or will it get updated automatically?

When I set up a feed, should I get "everything" that the tracker will put into a feed, and then filter what I download through the RSS downloader or is it better (not sure how I would define better-more reliable? -more accurate, less stress on the tracker?) to try to create custom rss feeds?

I feel like I set up a feed and get some shows, but that it then does a poor job of getting content say a week later. If I go to the tracker site and search, I usually find what I think should have been caught by the rss downloader (maybe it didn't get into the rss feed?)



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I find search based feeds from general index sites tend to be a bad choice for trying to grab something reliably. Feed updates are automatic and on a timer uT side, server side it's like a webpage and can be changed whenever they choose. I think the manual covers some RSS stuff.

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