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How to disable the "not enough free space, do you want to download" Q?


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Hi again, 5 years since my last post :rolleyes:

My current issue is this: I've set up a script in mirc that downloads torrents automatically from an announce channel, but if the torrent it's trying to download has more data than i've got room for on my hdd, then i get a pop up box with a question about whether i'm sure i want to download or not. This ofcourse means that the torrent wont be downloaded automatically since i'm expected to answer yes or no.

The reason i want to disable this is that i will already have large parts of the torrent on my HD, so maybe 90% will be "checked" and the last 10% will be downloaded, ergo i have enough space on my hdd after all.

Did i explain my problem so it was understandable?

P.S. I'm not entirely sure that this IS a problem when i autodownload, cause i havent encountered it yet. I'm just assuming this dialog box will pop ut (and stop the download) since it does so when i manually add torrents that will exceed my free hdd space (if i have to download 100% of it).

I'm trying to be pre-emptive :cool:

*EDIT* I'm guessing it's somewhere under Options > Preferences > Advanced. Atleast i couldnt find it anywhere else...

*EDIT2* Upon further investigation im starting to wonder if this issue is all in my head, and that the torrent will download anyway. I'll get back to this if and when i confirm my suspicion!

Additional info: Under Options > Preferences > UI Settings > When adding torrents; All the three boxes are unchecked.

I'm using client version 2.2.1 (Build 25130).

*EDIT3* Well, it seems i can answer my own question. When i autodownload i dont get the question about whether or not i'm sure i want to download because of insufficient space.

Case closed :)

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