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WebUI works fine at localhost, won't accept login remotely


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Hey all, I did my due diligence in searching the forums and reading through the WebUI guide and searching google for my issue but couldn't find a solution.

The situation is I have uTorrent running on Windows XP inside a virtualbox. When I try to access the webui from inside the virtualbox it works fine, however when I try to access it from another computer it pops up the login window with a blank white screen behind it and I put in the username and password I set in uTorrent but it just brings the login window back up again as if the password is wrong. I've triple checked it so that's not the issue.

I have the port forwarded in both my router and also in virtualbox, and as I said it does connect to it it just won't let me log in. I don't have any ip restrictions and I've confirmed that I have the most recent version of WebUI and uTorrent.

Any help would be appreciated. :)

Thanks for your time,


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