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ipfilter not working properly


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Hello :) ,

I'm new to this forum (just registered) because I had some troubles with the ipfilter.

I never had problem although I'm concerned about my safety in the P2P world…

I downloaded quite some time ago the ipfilter, and installed it, I thought it worked. I noticed though that it always had 0 entries…so I installed PeerGuardian as a second defense, as well as BlockList manager, but I have no idea how to set it up correctly (their help file wasn't very helpful…)

Basically what happens when I try to update the ipfilter, I get this message in a notepad:

"@echo off

if exist ipfilter.dat copy ipfilter.dat ipfilter.bak > nul

if exist ipfilter.dat del ipfilter.dat

wget.exe -r --tries=3

http://emulepawcio.sourceforge.net/nieuwe_site/Ipfilter_fakes/ipfilter.dat -O ipfilter.dat"

Which from what I understand isn't exactly what it should say…

Can anyone help me out?

Another question related: How safe am I?

I mean I hear a lot about MPAA, Hadopi (in France) of people receiving mails from their ISP. Personally I've never received anything and PeerGuardian has never blocked anything so I wonder if these things really work or if this is all hugely exaggerated. I thought about people being arrested for downloading, but if they arrest a couple, they got to arrest them all, isn't that too much?

Thanks for your time guys :D

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