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Unidentified Problem


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Hey guys,

Sorry for the trouble but I've come across an unusual problem with utorrent in the last few days.

Here are a bunch of screen caps I took put into .docx file

It's 2mb since I screen capped everything, including every page of my settings. If you would like something specific, please tell me.


Some my torrents are red while some are green but both don't work.

My bro says maybe the trackers are blocked?

Thanks in advance.

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That's from my computer club in an Academy. But yeah, they never used to block my torrents before (I've been working with torrents in school with the administration's knowledge for the past 2 years) , we used to think of it as free time till this idiot came and capped the school's bandwidth. I just didn't find it fair and it's been a week since then I can't activate anything. I didn't know that it's such a bad thing, cause the whole torrent business is supposed to be illegal, except where I live.


I wonder if you guys will still help me though.

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