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configure utorrent for seeding server


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Hi, i have read alot of the speed guides here.. and actually i configured utorrent for what "made sense" to me. However, lately i get some speed problems so i read again through alot of guides in this forum and now i´m even more confused.

here is what i do:

i have a 20mbit download / 1 mbit upload connection. i have a server (win7 prof x86) in my home network which has a lot of torrents in utorrent and is running 24/7 with scheduler.

So i have alot of torrents and some arent getting seeded rly good as there are just 1 or 2 people downloading it from my server. others are really good.. in the end i thought i would get my 1mbit/s by having slow upload speeds on each torrent but alot of different torrent (so every torrent has maybe 5kbit/s upload but there are 500 torrent so i would get a nice upload traffic). but then there are guides which tell you to set "maximum active torrents" to "6".. so i would only have 6 activate uploads. this is kinda crap since that would maybe be 30kbit/s .. maybe just 5 kbit/s depending on how many people are downloading that one torrent out of 500.

So how should I configure my utorrent 1.6.1 ? Also i´m not only uploading ofc :) From time to time i download some torrents and want a decent speed. However, as I'm using the scheduler, I mostly download torrents when the upload speed is limited.


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