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Slow download speed, Fast internet.


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Hello, im not used to making posts on forums so bear with me.

My problem is that my download speed is slow, I think. I have a 100mbit internet (the uploadspeed is like 15mbit tho).. Anyways the average download speed in uTorrent is 1mb/s and thats only after like 10 minutes from when I start dloading. The seeds and peers are not the problem.

I know that 1mb/s is pretty fast but still.. my friend has 100mbit internet to and he gets up to 10mb/s sometimes.

I port forwarded today, not sure if it changed anything. And when I try to do a speed test it fails, it says something about an attempt to get a socket but couldn't, or is forbidden.. I dont know. :o

Any help would be appreciated.

*edit: I use peerblock btw*

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I am wondering if its a problem with utorrent because I have been trying to download one episode of greys anatomy and the progress was at 97% when it got slow and it is not through yet after three days. the speed is going up and down can someone help me please

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