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Slowing down when closing the lid (and the computer does not sleep)


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I had no problem at all before uTorrent 3.0 Beta.

Now, when I download normally (800k/s, so it's not a configuration issue) and I decide to close the lid of my laptop (and everything is the same, the computer does not sleep or suspend or anything else) the download speed falls dramatically in the range of 0-20 k/s.

Obviously when I open the lid up again, the speed goes up at normal levels.

Why is that? Windows behaves normally (I did not change anything since before the beta) so it's weird that uTorrent recognizes that the lid is closed..

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I too did all the power management stuff. Had to go into my network connections - wifi adapter properties - Power management tab then unchecked "allow computer to turn off this device". Don't know if this is the solution for all laptops, but it worked for me.

HP DV6-AMD triple core-4gig ram-utorrent 3.1.3

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