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Transfer Torrent files after reinstalling Windows


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Here are faced with such a problem after reinstalling Windows can not recover all the torrent upload, definitely not one. Client Version uTorrent 2.2.1 (build 25203).

Restore as follows:

1. Before installing Windows saved folder C: \ Documents and Settings \ User \ Application Data \ uTorrent

2. After you install Windows and install a client uTorrent has replaced the folder which was created by the newly created client uTorrent uTorrent to save the folder on this path C: \ Documents and Settings \ User \ Application Data \ uTorrent.

3. And then run the client uTorrent, but not the same hand in the client does not appear (that's a problem here)

Prior to this, so for version 1.8 transfer distributions in the torent client received, but when updated to version 2.2.1, it was not possible (in a manner described above)

4. Tried to transfer to different client versions from 1.8 up to 2.2.1 (the result is negative, an empty window in the client uTorrent)

Please help solve this problem! and then throw on the check (check) in hand each torrent (distribution) separately, it is very long, because there are about 1000.

Apologies for the English, translate google translator.

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