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Speedy Gonzales (not me!)


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Apologies if this has been addressed in another post, I did search before posting so hope not.

I currently use Virginmedia in the UK (previously known as NTL) and my connection is a 10MB DL connection and a 1MB UL connection.

I use a router that has the correct port open which is validated through port checking tools online.

I have optimized every setting within Utorrent I can find, however at most I will connect at 1MB.

Don't get me wrong, this is still quite fast and since others here have reported a minute fraction of what I am complaining about but I want to know if I am missing something.

Since my Upload speed is 1MB I was wondering if this is just the best I am going to get... I know that Upload Speed is directly linked to Download Speed but since there is no resource that strictly defines what the most you can expect to download at in a UL vs DL scenario, I am a bit stuck.

What I would like is for someone in the know to say either:

a) Something is wrong, I have no idea or know that its impossible to fix this for you

B) Something is wrong, I have some ideas on how to fix things for you

c) Nothing is wrong, with that Upload Speed - the Download Speed you get is the best

Any help?


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I thought as much and ruled that out because I thought Utorrent meassured in Kbits not Kbytes

This makes much more sense, as 10mb / 8 = 1.25mbytes, which is about what I am getting!

I may try out a speed upgrade for my broadband (test it for a month, see how it goes and then if no real benefit downgrade again) and in theory since the next speed up is 30mb, providing my ratio and seeds are high enough I should see a 3.75 dl, which means a 1GB file could be available in just under 5 minuttes, in theory

nice and thanks for the info

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