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Utorrent 3.0 and seeded torrent ETA time


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In beta 3.0 for seeded torrent not ETA time not calculated, and in # column not show '*' for torrent with incompleted ratio.

In builds before 25234 sorting on ETA column do this order: downloading torrent/seeded incompleted ratio/other seeded/queued (but for second ETA empty in 3.0)

ETA for seeded can be returned? Or other way to sorting torrents in same order.

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I just downloaded the released 3.0 version and the ETA time is blank for seeding torrents. Previously, in the 2.2 version of uTorrent, the ETA would show the time remaining until the torrent reached the seeding ration (default at 1.50).

Please return this feature in the the next update to the 3.0 release.


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