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Utorrent stopped downloading and uploading!Help

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So i got utorrent last night and started downloading a torrent,was working fine was getting about 25k down(shit I know but I would gladly take that rate now)and about 45 up.It was working fine for me so

I said I would leave the pc on going by the rate I was getting it should of taken no more than 15 hours

That was at 1am last night,got up at 8am checked it,and it had 25%down but had stopped downloading

while still being able to upload,left it for a couple of hours and without changing any settings from

start to finish it had stooped altogether.

Just there(10 hours later and still nothing) I disabled UpNp on the router and that seems to have the upload working again but still no download!!!!!!!!!!

I'm running win7 and have it allowed through windows firewall

Any help would be greatly appreciated:)

It just stopped uploading again:(

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