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RSS Feed 101


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I've been searching for a while now about how to add RSS feeds to uT and get them to download automatically or even appear as available to download (if I uncheck the download when new torrents are available box)

In fact I'm not sure if I have the right URL. For instance I want to add CSI to my RSS feed, here is what I've been doing.

I go to EZRSS

look up CSI http://www.ezrss.it/search/?mode=simple&show_name=CSI

then Do I select a link copy the url andd add it to the RSS downloader? OR by clicking CSI EP 01 S. 01 I automatically subscribe to downloading only that episode?

So I managed to setup a few feeds by using EZRSS. Now how do I go about filtering so I don't download the same file twice.

Thanks in advance for the help

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