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Queue setting is not working properly..

this is the case


> Max number of active torrets (upl and downl) = 6

> Max numbre of active downl = 2

I have no downl torrets, just 10 to seed (6 of them actives), if I add a new one to download, this remains on query..

I have to set "Max number of active torrets (upl and downl) = 6" to = 11 to UTorrent starts to downl my new torrent, or STOP at least 5 of 10 of my list of torrents.

I just reinstalled utorrent (same version that I had installed)

I never had this problem before.. I'm using UTorrent from long time ago..

sorry if my English is not clear

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You're set up so that seeding tasks MUST reach seeding goal before new downloads will start. So you are expecting a download to start immediately, even when you've told it not to.

Additionally, if you have torrents that are below the "slow upload threshold" (defined in advanced preferences) they will likely get stopped when you add new torrents to the list.

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