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uTorrent turned to shit. Disk Overload 100% "downloading" only to 99%.


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First, I was getting a Disk Overload 100% problem which caused windows to shut down my PC to prevent hardware damage. Now, I fixed the Disk Overload 100% problem with a few tips on the forum and my files download to 99% and stop, but they really don't download they get stuck at like 55% and when I restart it downloads again, downloads to 99% stops, restart again it's at 64% etc. If I look at the file pieces when it's downloading, it downloads a few then gets stuck, the download continues but is not downloading anything and crashes at 99%.

by the way, using 2.2.1

updating now to the other version.

> OK I can already see that I hate the "cool" design of this version

> it didn't save categories that I had open

though the problems seem to be gone for now. still, any suggestions of what was wrong with it? bcz I really can't stand this 3.0 version

ok now I get the same problem on 3.0

plus now I get random files requiring to be rechecked.

any help? I don't want to uninstall utorrent and install the old version.

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