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Utorrent not instaled ?


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Good evvening,

My problem is the following, I got an accelerator and it says that I don't have utorrent instaled.

I checked the programs and control panel and nothing but when I try to open a torrent it works fine so the program is instaled but I can't find it anywhere can anyone help me how can I find it so I can uninstal and install again ?

I use windows 7, if you need more informations please tell me.

Thank you.

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Thanks for the answer.

I'd read somewhere that the utorrent doesn't appear as program neither on the control panel or programs.

I also saw to use a program to clean all the files that are associated, for exempleif I download a torrent is automatic associated with utorrent.

My question (now) is if I remove that association I can download again and see if it apears at least on the programs, if the answer is yes I would like to know how to do it since that program I don't know very well how to work with the program that I said above.

Thank you so much,

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