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Buffalo Tech Link Station Duo Ver 1.4 BT/Utorrrent Need help


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Hi Guys

I ve just updated my firmware on the Link station to Ver 1.4

and its seem that i unable to access to the Torrent web Gui on the link Station.

Previous version 1.37 works fine but with version 1.4 there a problem with the BT web access

i've try to forward all the ports on my router still it can't accept my user name and password.

Need help :(

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@noh76 Did your NAS have the µTorrent web UI before you updated? When you try to launch now are you even asked for username and password, or does something else happen? The default is admin <blank>. I think there is a button in the linkstation settings screen to reset the BitTorrent app. This has the effect of resetting your client and should allow you to gain access again. In progress torrents will be lost, but anything complete should still be on the drive. If you reload the same torrents and point the downloads to the same folder, the client should recheck and continue seeding. If you're lucky, incomplete torrents should resume too. Hope that helps.

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