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utorrent connection fail!


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Hi all.

The network connection icon in my utorrent is yellow indicating network configuration issues. I have tried the port forwarding tutorial on portforward, suggestions on forums such as setting the ip address outside the dhcp range, enable/disable upnp mapping in utorrent, adjusting my firewall settings to endpoint independent, all to no avail. My wireless router is Dlink Dir 655. I have added utorrent as an exception to windows firewall

PS. I realised that after making changes and running the utorrent connection test, the network connection icon changes to green right after the test. However, it turns back to yellow right after that or whenever i send the program window to tray and open it again. Sometimes it disappears altogether. Whether green or yellow, I am unable to connect to any peers when seeding. My download speed does not seem to be affected, though my upload speed is virtually zero. My attempts at seeding have failed as I am unable to connect to any peers.

Any idea how to resolve this issue?


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