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Speed Oscillation. AKA I need help


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So, obviously, I'm new here, and this looked like a good place to ask a question. So, I've stopped my torrents since, but a few minutes ago, this is what the speed graph looked like: whydoesmyspeeddothis.jpg

I looked back, further over time, and in bigger intervals, and it does this all the time. Why? :/

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Without knowing anything else, and assuming your connection isn't throttled at all, I'd say your router's processor is struggling... notice how just as your download (green?) drops from its peak, the upload (red?) increases and peaks, and the pattern continues..

If the long shot guess I just made is correct, a quick test would be to limit your download to say, half or a quarter of your connection's maximum, and see if the pattern continues, then limit the upload the same way and observe. If the result is those peaks smoothing out, you can either live with it, limit your rates a bit or buy a better router/modem, you'll have to do your homework though to figure out which one is best (has the beefiest processor), generally you get what you pay for.

As a rule of thumb though, first make sure your cpu isn't spiking, although I'd be surprised if that was the cause.

Good luck :)

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