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3.0 issue with RSS


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So I didnt have this issue on 2.x, and maybe its by design, but any way to get around it?

edit: forgot to add, im on 3.0 alpha 24767 build.

Problem : When subscribing to multiple RSS feeds, and you get the same match, it still tries to add the torrent and then pops up a window with "you're already downloading this torrent, want to load the trackers?".

Previously I have no idea what it did if it matched multiple times, because i never got a popup. Problem is, I get a whole bunch of popup windows now, and its real annoying.

Is there a way to either

a) (ideally) Not load the torrent when its already been matched or in "previously downloaded" status?

B) just automatically load the trackers for it and not pop-up?

c) do anything other than pop-up message?

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