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HELP - My torrent is not downloading


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I currently am downloading 3 episodes of CSI Miami, however one of them has and eta of infinity.

This is what i'm seeing:

Episode 9 -

Seeds 0 (1)

Peers 0 (5)

ETA - Infinity

Down Speed 0

The other two episode (episode 10 and 11) are fine, so why wont it let me download the episode 9, and why is it not connecting to any peers or seeds?

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What color is the icon?

What status do you have in the status column?

What tracker status do you have on the trackers tab?

Thanks for replying so quicly :), The Icon is green, and the status is downloading.

Here is a screenshot...


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Looking at the availability of the torrent in question (0.597) and the current amount downloaded (59.7%) in your screenshot, you have all you are going to get, that is why it is showing an eta of infinity.

Suggest you find another copy of the torrent somewhere and download it.

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