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Seeding- beginner's question


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I'm trying to upload a torrent to a torrent site. I'm able to create a torrent with no problem, but I have not been able to figure out how to seed and show up in the torrent site. The instructions I find at torrent sites are all based on Windows versions, and the UI is different on the Mac.

I would appreciate any help you can provide.

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I'm pretty new to torrenting, however, as nobody else seems interested in helping, I'll try. BTW, I have successfully posted dozens of torrents on a variety of trackers. Be aware, however, that I don't post to 'public' trackers (e.g., PirateBay, ISO Hunt, etc.). I only post to 'private' trackers (the ones that require signing up prior to accessing). Public trackers may have different requirements.

Also, It is extremely important that you DO NOT ALTER the file to be uploaded in any way once you have created your .torrent file! If you change ANYTHING you will have to create a new .torrent file!

This is what I do.

First, I make sure to check the "Private torrent" check box when I create the .torrent file. That is very important as I only post to private trackers! Again, I don't know about public trackers. Once the .torrent file has been created, I put it in the same directory (I use 'Downloads') as the file/folder I want to upload. This may not be necessary, however, I like to keep them together. I find it easier to keep track of the .torrent files when it comes time to delete it.

Next, you need to follow that particular tracker's directions for uploading. The directions are not all the same. You will use the same steps no matter what the platform. Just follow the tracker's specific directions. One size fits all.

Once you have uploaded the new thread (I think that's what it is called) by carefully following the tracker's instructions, go to that new thread. The thread has been created, however, there will be no seeds, although there may be leechers. (I know, this is counter intuitive.) Next, download the .torrent file from the tracker as if you wanted to download the content. I believe the reason you must do this is that the tracker somehow marks the .torrent file with their (i.e., the tracker's) tag (or whatever it's called).

You should now be seeding. If you immediately open your client you will see that it is checking the file (that typically takes just a few seconds (longer for larger files)) to insure everything that is supposed to be there is there. Also, if you go to the directory that you keep your .torrent files in, you will see that now there is a new .torrent file just like the one you created but with an added "-1." That is the one you got from the tracker. At this point you can trash the one you created.

I hope this is helpful even though it is not timely!

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