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Inconsistent behaviour re-adding already completed torrents in WebUI


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Hi everyone,

This is my first post here, so I hope that it falls within expectations :)

I have a fairly complex PHP-based torrent downloader/processor set up, which uses uTorrent for the actual downloading/seeding. I've created a class for interfacing with the WebUI, which works fine. (If anyone wants it I can post it, but it looks like people have already created this before, and they are probably better than mine anyway)

Now the issue: So far I've been using the "auto load files from folder" option in uTorrent to add new torrents to the system, since this enabled both manual and automatic adds. (where the system places the .torrent to be downloaded in the autoload folder)

My system tracks the torrents by their info hash, so it recognizes those that have come from itself and those that have been added manually - this is no problem.

However due to nothing more than a dislike of this way of handling it, I implemented the add-file method in the WebUI for adding a torrent directly by sending it's contents in a POST-request - which is also working fine for adding torrents.

Now for the actual issue: While adding torrents using the add-file function is working fine, I'm seeing some strange behaviour when the torrent has been downloaded before.

Usually, when re-adding a torrent by using the autoload folder, uTorrent will scan the downloaded files if present and begin to seed again if the download is already completed.

This does not seem to happen when a file has been added through the WebUI POST-request - uTorrent will start to download the torrent again, regardless if the files are already completed and stored in the completed downloads folder - I'm not entirely sure if this is by design, but to me it does seem counter-intuitive.

So, what are people's opinion on this? Is it an error, by design, or am I doing something wrong somewhere?

Note: I provided the information on my system for reference - uTorrent acts the same way if I add a torrent using another method for using the WebUI POST-request, such as using the WebUI itself or one of the other applications that interfaces to it.

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No, it doesn't seem that way - I guess I should try to let the download of one of the torrents finish to see what it does then, but during the download at least both the name and the hash of the token are identical to the one that is already finished.

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