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Download total bandwidth limit


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I'm using uTorrent version 1.0.2 (23439) on Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard. The total download bandwidth limit I set (either in the preferences or in the main window) is not being followed correctly by uTorrent.

My theoretical max download speed is around 1.25 MB (10 Mb). Therefore, I want to cap it off at around 60% to 80% of my theoretical max so I don't take all the available bandwidth. If I set the cap to "unlimited" I get around 1 MB/s. However, once I set the cap to 750 KB/s, my download speed plummets to around 340-350 KB/s and stays around that range. The bug is not limited to just 750 KB/s, either. It also occurs with custom set speeds (in the preferences window) or with any of the presets in the main window dropdown.

I didn't see this bug listed in this forum yet, so I figured I'd let the developers know. Also, I understand that the devs might not have easy access to a Mac, so I'd be willing to help out if needed. (testing, or whatever)

EDIT: Just saw the sticky that this is a known issue. Oh well, my offer still stands if the devs need any help trying to fix the problem.

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