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Problems with state_cmd and finish_cmd


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Greetings All,

I am both a newcomer to this forum and the uTorrent linux server install. I am running into two problems with the state_cmd and the finish_cmd parameters in the utserver.conf file. The first problem, which I believe is my incorrectly defining the action for these commands is that I cannot seem to get the server to consistantly trigger my test script when there is a state change for a torrent.

The second problem is that when I do get the state_cmd to fire off in the server (based on watching the server's output when run in a terminal) and it successfully calls my test script I am only able to grab as a variable the interger which is the torrent change of state. I cannot seem to read the string which would be the torrent name or file name.

I am running:

Fedora Core 14 32-bit

uTorrent Server alpha 25053

my test bash script looks like this:


echo "$1 with state $2" >> /tmp/test.log

my utserver.conf file entries for state_cmd and finish_cmd are:

state_cmd: /test/test.sh %N %S
finish_cmd: /test/test.sh %N %S

The terminal output from utserver is:

Executing /test/test.sh "Torrent-Name-Blah" 2
Executing /test/test.sh "Torrent-Name-Blah" 6

The output in the test.log is:

2 with state
6 with state

I realize this is most likely something basic I'm doing incorrectly. Any assistance would be appreciated.

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