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Setup guide shows error 10053 and Then Protocol error in download test


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My tyipical maximum download speed for torrents is about 210Kb/s currently my speeds are less than 1Kb/s most of the time and then I will get short spikes randomly on one torrent. I was initially haveing a port forewarding error and setup guide gave error code 10053. After fixing that speeds did not change and now setup guide is showing "Protocol error in download test". I'm assuming that whatever is messing with setup guide is also messing with my downloads(and uploads as well).

I'm running Kaspersy Internet Security 2011 all networks and utorrent related stuff is completely allowed and no other firewall is on. I checked my router the port is forwarded both as single and inside a range.

I have tried re-installing uTorrent, using bittorrent, I even recently re-installed my operating system. But and get this uTorrent works fine on all my other PCs. By the way all other internet related functions work fine.

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