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switching back and forth to utorrent


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Hi all,

I just recently downloaded an episode on an HBO series and I got a warning from my ISP (the third in a year). Naturally, my wife is freaking out about that and wants me to cease all downloading. I'm opting to go a different route and try to find ways of hiding my IP address when I download. So, after some research I found an experimental site called "OneSwarm" that's supposed to hide your IP by streaming through proxy servers (I think). Anyway, I tried it out and it seems to work, so far, but now I can't figure out how to go back to utorrent if I want to (now, whenever I select a torrent from a site, it always defaults to OneSwarm - I'm thinking of using OneSwarm for HBO program downloads only). Any suggestions on how I can toggle utorrent/oneswarm on and off). Or if you know how to dl torrents anonymously from utorrent I'd be very grateful for the info, Thanks.

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