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"uTorrent has stopped working" on x64 version


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I got "uTorrent has stopped working" message when starting (or rechecking) one of my torrents (about 22 Gigs) on the x64 version (only x64, the 32-bit version works fine)

and when I choose Debug (I have Visual Studio 2010 installed) it told me that

"Unhandled exception at 0x00000001400419a6 in uTorrent.exe: 0xC0000005: Access violation reading location 0xffffffffe7ad8995

it stops in the disassembly at

00000001400419A5 mov ecx,dword ptr [rdi]

and this is the full disassembly

0000000140041918 mov dword ptr [0],ebx

000000014004191F mov qword ptr [rsp+78h],r12

0000000140041924 mov r13d,r14d

0000000140041927 mov rbp,r15

000000014004192A mov r12,rbx

000000014004192D mov r15,rbx

0000000140041930 mov r14d,ebx

0000000140041933 mov rcx,qword ptr [rsp+78h]

0000000140041938 sub rcx,qword ptr [rsi]

000000014004193B cmp rcx,20000h

0000000140041942 jl 0000000140041781

0000000140041948 cmp dword ptr [rsi+18h],ebx

000000014004194B seta bl

000000014004194E lea eax,[rbx-1]

0000000140041951 add rsp,28h

0000000140041955 pop r15

0000000140041957 pop r14

0000000140041959 pop r13

000000014004195B pop r12

000000014004195D pop rdi

000000014004195E pop rsi

000000014004195F pop rbp

0000000140041960 pop rbx

0000000140041961 ret

0000000140041962 int 3

0000000140041963 int 3

0000000140041964 mov qword ptr [rsp+10h],rbx

0000000140041969 mov qword ptr [rsp+18h],rbp

000000014004196E push rdi

000000014004196F push r12

0000000140041971 push r13

0000000140041973 push r14

0000000140041975 push r15

0000000140041977 sub rsp,20h

000000014004197B mov rdi,qword ptr [rcx]

000000014004197E xor ebx,ebx

0000000140041980 mov rbp,rcx

0000000140041983 cmp rdi,rbx

0000000140041986 jne 0000000140041990

0000000140041988 or eax,0FFFFFFFFh

000000014004198B jmp 0000000140041BAB

0000000140041990 mov rax,rdi

0000000140041993 mov r15d,ebx

0000000140041996 sub rax,rdi

0000000140041999 cmp rax,20000h

000000014004199F jge 0000000140041BA2

00000001400419A5 mov ecx,dword ptr [rdi]

00000001400419A7 call qword ptr [14013AFC8h]

00000001400419AD mov r13d,ebx

00000001400419B0 mov r12,rbx

00000001400419B3 mov dword ptr [rsp+50h],eax

00000001400419B7 lea r14,[140180B84h]

00000001400419BE mov ecx,dword ptr [r14]

00000001400419C1 call qword ptr [14013AFC0h]

00000001400419C7 cmp eax,dword ptr [rdi+4]

00000001400419CA je 00000001400419E4

00000001400419CC inc r13d

00000001400419CF inc r12

00000001400419D2 add r14,0Ch

00000001400419D6 cmp r13d,5

00000001400419DA jne 00000001400419BE

00000001400419DC or r13d,0FFFFFFFFh

00000001400419E0 or r12,0FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFh

00000001400419E4 movsxd r14,dword ptr [rsp+50h]

00000001400419E9 cmp r14d,ebx

00000001400419EC je 0000000140041988

00000001400419EE cmp rdi,qword ptr [rbp]

00000001400419F2 jne 0000000140041A37

00000001400419F4 cmp r12,0FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFh

00000001400419F8 je 0000000140041A15

00000001400419FA cmp r12,rbx

00000001400419FD lea rdx,[140180B80h]

0000000140041A04 jle 0000000140041A3E

0000000140041A06 lea rax,[r12+r12*2]

0000000140041A0A cmp dword ptr [rdx+rax*4],ebx

0000000140041A0D je 0000000140041A3E

0000000140041A0F cmp dword ptr [rdx+rax*4],1

0000000140041A13 je 0000000140041A3E

0000000140041A15 cmp r13d,5

0000000140041A19 jl 0000000140041988

0000000140041A1F call qword ptr [14013A870h]

0000000140041A25 mov dword ptr [14019F9D8h],eax

0000000140041A2B mov dword ptr [0],ebx

0000000140041A32 jmp 0000000140041988

0000000140041A37 lea rdx,[140180B80h]

0000000140041A3E cmp r12,0FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFh

0000000140041A42 je 0000000140041BC3

0000000140041A48 lea rcx,[r12+r12*2]

0000000140041A4C cmp byte ptr [rdx+rcx*4+8],bl

0000000140041A50 je 0000000140041A5B

0000000140041A52 add rdi,8

0000000140041A56 jmp 0000000140041BC6

0000000140041A5B mov ecx,dword ptr [rdx+rcx*4]

0000000140041A5E sub ecx,1

0000000140041A61 je 0000000140041B7D

0000000140041A67 sub ecx,1

0000000140041A6A je 0000000140041B3E

0000000140041A70 sub ecx,1

0000000140041A73 je 0000000140041B7D

0000000140041A79 cmp ecx,1

0000000140041A7C jne 0000000140041B90

0000000140041A82 mov ecx,dword ptr [rdi+1Ch]

0000000140041A85 call qword ptr [14013AFC8h]

0000000140041A8B mov r12d,eax

0000000140041A8E cmp r15d,ebx

0000000140041A91 ja 0000000140041AAF

0000000140041A93 call qword ptr [14013A870h]

0000000140041A99 mov dword ptr [14019F9D8h],eax

0000000140041A9F mov dword ptr [0],ebx

0000000140041AA6 cmp r15d,ebx

0000000140041AA9 je 0000000140041988

0000000140041AAF xor edx,edx

0000000140041AB1 mov eax,r12d

0000000140041AB4 div eax,r15d

0000000140041AB7 cmp eax,dword ptr [rbp+18h]

0000000140041ABA jne 0000000140041B90

0000000140041AC0 movzx ecx,word ptr [rdi+20h]

0000000140041AC4 mov word ptr [rbp+1Ch],cx

0000000140041AC8 movzx eax,word ptr [rdi+22h]

0000000140041ACC mov word ptr [rbp+20h],ax

0000000140041AD0 call qword ptr [14013AFA0h]

0000000140041AD6 movzx ecx,word ptr [rbp+20h]

0000000140041ADA movzx r11d,ax

0000000140041ADE mov dword ptr [rbp+1Ch],r11d

0000000140041AE2 call qword ptr [14013AFA0h]

0000000140041AE8 movzx r11d,ax

0000000140041AEC mov dword ptr [rbp+20h],r11d

0000000140041AF0 cmp dword ptr [rbp+1Ch],ebx

0000000140041AF3 jne 0000000140041B90

0000000140041AF9 cmp r11d,ebx

0000000140041AFC jne 0000000140041B90

0000000140041B02 cmp r14d,59h

0000000140041B06 jle 0000000140041B90

0000000140041B0C movzx ecx,word ptr [rdi+54h]

0000000140041B10 mov word ptr [rbp+1Ch],cx

0000000140041B14 movzx eax,word ptr [rdi+58h]

0000000140041B18 mov word ptr [rbp+20h],ax

0000000140041B1C call qword ptr [14013AFA0h]

0000000140041B22 movzx ecx,word ptr [rbp+20h]

0000000140041B26 movzx r11d,ax

0000000140041B2A mov dword ptr [rbp+1Ch],r11d

0000000140041B2E call qword ptr [14013AFA0h]

0000000140041B34 movzx r11d,ax

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