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Transfer cap limit type bug


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Hi all,

It seems to me that no matter which limit type I select with the transfer cap, uTorrent always stops up/downloading("stopped by transfer cap") when the *sum* of up and download reaches the limit I set.

That is, I want to limit only upload at 6 GB/day (so I set upload limit, 1 day...), but if I download 1GB that day, then it will stop at 5GB upload. (5+1=6 obviously) It happens every time, with different numbers, so I'm fairly sure the problem is this: uTorrent always compares my limit with the sum of both traffic.

This has been the case for at least a few months, and now I'm really annoyed by it :D

Plz check :D

Thx, George

P.S. no, resetting history doesn't fix it.

P.P.S same happens when limit type: download is selected instead of upload.

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so I've just reverted to version 2.2.1 build 25273, and it's fine, there's no problem with the transfer cap.

I'm trying to find a release timeline to check things... not sure about when the problem started, maybe writing a few months was exaggeration... few weeks, more likely.

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