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Very confused. Torrent suddenly not actually downloading..


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This has never happened before, so any help is appreciated.

Downloading select torrents, suddenly download extremely quickly (in seconds), but are not actually downloading. What is causing this? I vigilantly read user comments on torrents before downloading, and these are popular tv show episodes that have recently been released (I frequently download from EZTV), and all comments are positive, 10/10, etc etc)

So can someone help me fix this? or tell me what the heck is going on? Here are two quick screen caps.



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Here ya go:



I'll fully admit, I have not much of a clue when it comes to the preferences stuff, and all the numbers. I've been using torrents for years, and never had a problem with the settings uTorrent came with, so I never bothered to change anything (At least I don't think so, I think I might have upped numbers so I could have more torrents downloading at a time, etc).

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