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Error: Parameter is incorrect


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I keep getting this error when downloading torrents. I can get it multiple times during a download, but I can always just right click the torrent and select 'start' - but this error force me to constantly watch my downloads else they will stop at some point.

I tried to search this forum, but can't seem to find what can be causing this. Any ideas?

Example of log when this happens:

[2011-05-13 14:43:26] IO Error:87 line:388 align:-99 pos:-99 count:11392 actual:0

[2011-05-13 14:43:26] IO Error:87 line:404 align:-99 pos:49988608 count:11392 actual:-99

[2011-05-13 14:43:26] IO Error:87 line:432 align:512 pos:49988608 count:11776 actual:-99

[2011-05-13 14:43:26] IO Error:87 line:685 align:512 pos:49989041 count:10959 actual:1

If you have suggestions on what I could log then I would appreciate this aswell.

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