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'Run this program...' parameter behaviour changed


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Using v3.0 b25277.

Utorrent appears to have changed the behaviour of the parameters passed when running an external program.

Previously (not sure of exactly which version/build) when specifying the parameters "%N" "%L" "%D" "%F" (Title, Label, Directoy and Filename) single file torrents would cause all four to be passed, and multi file torrents would cause only the first three to be passed (excluding the file name, as suggested by the associated notes).

I have noticed that in build 25277, multi file torrents now cause all four parameters to be passed, with the file name being passed set as the first file in the torrent (starting at piece 0).

I have a program which I need to behave differently for single and multi file torrents, and the key indicator for this previously was the presence (or absence) of the filename as the fourth parameter. Could this behaviour be restored to it's previous state OR enable an additional parameter to indicate whether a torrent is single or multi file?

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