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Limited upload speed with multiple torrents active


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I seem to be having a very peculiar problem. I have more than 700 torrents seeding (100+ active at any time). My problem is as follows:

If I keep all my torrents on seeding duty, my global upload speed drops to 500 kb/s. If I keep active a small portion of the torrents (10-15) my global upload speed goes back to 6 mb/s.

I've made several experiments to be sure it's not about the fact that upload speed is divided by the number of torrents active. For example, I downloaded a torrent (let's call it torrent A) and I kept it seeding. If only 15 torrents were active, torrent A would register a 3,5 mb/s upload speed (6 mb/s global speed). After activating the rest of the torrents, torrent A's upload speed dropped to 200 kb/s while the global speed was around 550 kb/s.

My question is: why is my global upload speed so low if I activate multiple torrents?

As a side note, I don't have any download speed problems.

Any help will be greatly appreciated.

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