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Connection Limiting Problem


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I have a problem with transfer limiting.

Everything was always fine and one day I don't know why transfer limiting wasn't working correctly.

When I for example set up 'Maximum Upload Speed: 15kB/s' and the same value in 'Upload rate when not downloading' my utorrent was uploading files with speed around 30-40kB/s.

I have got quite low upload and I can't work properly while using utorrent and surfing on the Internet in same time. What could cause that kind of issue? How can I force program to upload/download with speed that I set up in Preferences?

Sory for my english but I tried to make as few mistakes as I can.

Regards, Peter


I was using the newest stable version of program and yesterday I downloaded beta version but it didn't fix the problem.

I have Windows XP Pro SP3.


Ok I read some topics and I fixed it. Sory for problem. Everything is now ok.


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