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downloading and uploading speed issues


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my colleges internet is supposedly the second fastest in the nation.

while i was living on campus I could download anywhere (usually) from 1 MBytes/sec to 10, depending on the seeders. My school also capped everyone's uploads to about 350 KB/s, prob to prevent torrents fro crashing the network lol.

I have moved into an apartment that has fiber ran into it, and my speed test.net shows me around 85-95 MB its/sec and 30-40mbit/s upload....

These are averages I tried them from 3 different locations, but they all hovered around these values, and even tried a location in another state. Now i have tried many different ports, all are open, tried several below 5000, above 5000, and above 50000.

My settings in torrent are what a was suggested on this site, and tried one from my trackers.

Now my torrent downloads usually hover around 10-100 KB/s. And uploads usually around 30 KB/s.

I have tried about 7 different trackers, with the same results. Some times i will be connected to over 30 seeders and be downloading at 10 KB/s, which isn't right.

I do understand that sometimes you just arent connected well with certain peers, but I have been monitoring this for about a month now. Any help or ideas would be greatly apprecitated

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