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re-check issues when moving files into a renamed directory


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I seem to have an issue when moving files to a different location and doing a re-check against them.

version: 2.2.1 (build 25130)

Here is what I've done start to finish,

(directory and file names changed to protect the innocent)

Download a torrent that wants to create a directory name


rename the directory

E:\media\file name

start the download and the torrent downloads fine and seeds well.

Then add a new drive with more capacity


move entire E:\media\ directory, sub directories, and files to F:\media keeping the original directory structure

delete original E:\media\

restart Utorrent

Utorrent freaks out about the files not being there anymore. I expected this and start to correct the downloaded locations

Right click broken torrent -> select Advanced -> select 'Set Downloaded Location...'

select new directory on F:\media\file name

I then do a force re-check and it fails.. and wants me to re-download the Torrent over again..

I've verified all files are moved and in their correct location.


If I do not rename the directory at the initial download

move the directory and files to a new location, change the downloaded directory to the new location, do the re-check, all is fine. the re-check completes, i can select 'start' and all is well.

Can someone assist with this situation? Its a bit frustrating.

If more details are needed let me know.

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