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utorrent stopped downloading suddenly


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My utorrent has suddenly stopped downloading. If I add any torrent to dwld, in "trackers tab" it says 'no connection could be made as the target machine actively refused it'

And in "Peers tab" it does not show any peers at all.

In the "General tab" the availability is completely RED in color.

Please help.

How to rectify this problem.

My Firewall is already off. I have even added utorrent in the list of firewall exceptions.

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It did not help. I tried out most of the things, all of them are already included in the default settings of utorrent.

Still not able to dwld. The strange thing is I'm not able to dwld anything from a partiular place & if I connect to utorrent from a different internet connection it starts dwlding. It's like my IP Address is blocked or something from this particular place :(

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anyone please help...

not able to dwld anything at all,,,

I'm even trying to add peers manually. This I did by copying the peer list when it was dwlding & once I came back to my hotel room as always it stopped dwlding. So in the Peer tab, I am adding one peer at a time. by this it sometimes shows a dwld speed of 0.01kbps but it's of no use as the availability is always red in color

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